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Choo Sarang flashes a ‘choovely’ smile in an adorable snapshot



My, oh my, how Choo Sarang has grown!

Choo Sarang’s Facebook was updated for the first time in over a month with an adorable snapshot on August 26. The above photo was posted with the caption, “Sarang is excited!" As it’s been a while since we’ve last seen any SNS updates of Choo Sarang, fans noticed Choo Sarang’s growth from the ‘choovely’ baby we all know and love into a pretty, young girl.

Continue to watch her grow up on KBS 2TV’s ‘Superman is Back’ every Sunday!

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Your life is your business. Don’t let somebody else run it.

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symbol_reconstruct_131205_01_01 . generative design . 2014


Gediminas Pranckevicius: Surreal Worlds Digitally Painted

on Behance, deviantART

Lithuanian artist, Gediminas Pranckevicius has been a graphic designer for years, but his true talents allowed him to shine once he was inspired to create his own portfolio as a concept artist/illustrator.
His digital artwork has since been used as album covers and has won him numerous top awards. - See more at: http://bonexpose.com/featured/gediminas-pranckevicius/#sthash.CjaDMzeQ.dpuf

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